Promoting the Rights of Children & Young People for over 27 Years!

Investing in Children offers a range of training courses which aim to improve your own continuous professional development. All training is co-developed and co-delivered with children and young people.


Agenda Days

We offer Agenda Days™ (Adult free events) for children and young people to come and give their views.

This could be their views on your

  • Service Provision
  • Service Proposal
  • Inclusiveness, Interaction with service users, potential improvements for service users
  • Service Strategy
  • Physical Infrastructure & amenities consultation

Charges for this include young facilitator’s costs, young people’s fees and travelling expenses as well as a project worker.


CPD – Staff Development

We offer training for up to 25 participants, delivered by an IiC Project Worker and two young people who will co-deliver the training.

All participants will then have access to IiC materials.

Training can be delivered as both full and half days as well as bespoke packages created and delivered on request.

All training is CPD Certified and will count towards your annual commitment.


Practice Support

We offer an Investing in Children Project Worker to help set up and run young people’s activities with your local staff.  As long as your service or proposal has young people involved in the process, we can assist. Our support ranges from:

  • Research Teams
  • Agenda Days™
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Practice Support

Charges for this include young facilitator’s costs, young people’s fees and travelling expenses as well as a project worker.



We offer a member of the Investing in Children Management Team and young people if required to provide overall coordination and attendance at:

  • Management Meetings
  • Board Meetings
  • Strategy Days
  • Briefing sessions etc.
Peer mentoring

Peer Mentoring – CPD & ASDAN Certified

We can deliver peer mentoring programmes on a variety of issues.
We offer a CDP-certified Train the Trainer programme, as well as a
delivery programme for children and young people which is certified by ASDAN.

Further support can be offered to embed the Peer Mentoring within
your organisation/school/service

Guest Lectures

Guest lectures

We can deliver guest lecture promoting the voices of children and
young people on a variety of issues.

All sessions are co-produced and co-delivered with children and
young people who have experience of services.

We can tailor our sessions to fit in with a variety of study
programmes, including but not limited to:

  • Social Work
  • Teaching
  • Social Inclusion
  • Diversity
  • Community and Youth work.
Independant Work

Independent Work

We offer:

  • An independent complaints investigation
  • Project and service evaluation
  • Signposting
  • Safeguarding Advice
  • Funding Advice
  • Service User engagement strategies

All work will be classed as bespoke and completely
independent. Costs will be agreed prior to work commencement.


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