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We care about your rights! This means a lot of our work is with organisations who offer services to children and young people.

We aim to help you make these services better, for your benefit and for the future. We run groups that link to services or topics you care about.

If you want to come along or learn more about any of our groups get in touch here. 

Health Group

We are a reference group which supports local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups to improve their services for children and young people.

This includes mental health and emotional wellbeing services, improving websites and digital communication, and the reviewing other health services.


We are a group for young people in Co. Durham with SEND. We meet to share ideas and help to make SEND services better for young people.

eXtreme members attend events on behalf of IiC, organise events and work with Durham County Council and the NHS! We enjoy having their voice heard, being respected, meeting new people and building their confidence.

Durham Children in Care Council (CiCC)

We are group for children and young people who are looked after in County Durham.

We meet every month to talk about life in care and raise any issues we have and the improvements we want to make to Durham County Council. CiCC is also an opportunity for children and young people to come together and say what works and share positive stories of the support we have received.

Click here to visit the CiCC Website.

Decisions Group

The Decisions Group is made up of children and young people aged 11-18 who come together to discuss and share ideas to make IiC even better! We meet every month and are about to launch ‘rights based roadshows’ as we feel children and young people should know more about their rights and how to use them.

Type 1 Kidz (T1KZ)

Since 2001 we have worked with children and young people living with Type 1 Diabetes and their families throughout the North East and North Cumbria. We have various monthly group sessions throughout the region, go on day trips, hold cookery workshops, go on an annual residential and more! All of our activities aim to help children and young people to be more confident, feel more positive about the future and improve their health outcomes. The project is driven forward by our Young People’s Coordination Group and also a professional steering group which includes Health Care Professionals from all clinics across the region. We have a closed Facebook Group where young people and parents access support from others and find out more about our events. You can join this Facebook Group here


Every year we look for funding to work on or research ideas from children and young people, these projects are open to anyone who is interested. Get in touch about these here.

Young Adult Support Cafes (YASC)

YASCs are informal, relaxed drop-in spaces which support young adults with their emotional wellbeing. They work through peer support and are for those aged 16-21, to help the transition from Children’s to Adults Services.

We run sessions in the north of the county on Tuesdays 5-7pm, and east on Wednesdays 4-6pm.

Art Cafe

The art children and young people have produced has been showcased as part of the ART STOP bus stop project, click here to learn more.

Seen and Heard History Group

We discover the untold stories of children and young people in County Durham’s past, through interviews, archival research and working with partners at Locomotion, Redhills and The Story @ Mount Oswald. We will run a series of events, exhibitions and museum tours to creatively share the stories we have uncovered with the public. We meet once a fortnight.

Your Austism

This project came from a young person wanting a resource for young people diagnosed with autism, created by young people with autism. This was after seeing lots of information for parents, but not a lot for young people. We received NHS funding to do this. Our aim is to have information specifically for children and young people, so they are able to learn to support and understand themselves, and to help demystify autism – it’s not all negative! This group is meeting fortnightly to develop the website, which will be launched in March/April 2023.

View the Your Autism website here

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