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Hi, My name is Mehedi Hasan Nahid, I am a web developer.

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About Investing in Children

Young People's Work

We run a wide variety of groups and projects for children and young people. Some have a focus, others are more informal and social.

IiC Membership Award

We give organisations national recognition for the good practice of actively including children and young people in dialogue that results in change, through our Membership Award


We can facilitate a range of events, training, coaching and other services to support you to improve your own focus on listening to the voices of children and young people. All our services are co-developed and co-delivered with children and young people

Investing in Children Foundation

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Volunteering with us can take the form of driving young people to sessions, helping to facilitate meetings and also other roles suited to your skills. Volunteering has many benefits, helping you play an active role in society, contributing to positive social change and breaking down social barriers by meeting others. It can also promote your own personal growth and self-esteem, building confidence and giving you a sense of purpose. If you're interested in getting involved please get in touch.


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