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What's Your Care Order and Rights Resource

The Street Law Project provides students from Newcastle University Law School opportunities to work collaboratively with children, young people and communities to raise awareness about the law, rights and legal system.

Investing in Children teamed up with young people and the Newcastle University Street Law Project to make a short animated film so that children, young people and adults can better understand care orders.

This animated film was made possible with funding from Newcastle University Catherine Cookson Foundation.

The project also involved several young people from Durham County Councils Children In Care Council (CiCC), who were supported to meet with the students to share ideas and opinions about the project and help make the film.

Young people and students worked with a local not-for-profit creative project called Roots and Wings (a community-interest company) who helped make the film.

Everyone involved in the project believe the film will help children, young people and adults to understand care orders and rights better. You can view the film below.

Further information can also on be fund on Cafcass website. Who represent the interest of children and young in family courts by hitting on the link below.

Children and young people | Cafcass